Getting a Job – Questions to Ask in an Interview

questions to ask in an interview

We’ve seen countless candidates receive offers because the interviewer was impressed with the questions they asked.  Good questions have depth, display intelligence and highlight your understanding of their situation.

The best questions are ones that uncover how best you can help them.  What is keeping them up at night?   What issues will cause them the most pain if not handled properly?  What solutions can I offer to problems they’re having now?

If you can’t think of anything, choose 2 or 3 questions from below and make sure you ask them all.  When they ask “Do you have any questions?” – NEVER say that you think they’ve pretty much covered it.

Questions to ask in an interview:
  1. What 2 or 3 things would you expect this person to accomplish within the first 6 months?
  2. What 3 things are most important for someone to have to succeed in this position?
  3. What are the biggest issues your department is facing in the upcoming year?
  4. What are the characteristics of your top people?
  5. What are three main qualities you are looking for in a candidate?
  6. How do you see me fitting in with your company?
  7. Why did you join the company?  What do you like/dislike about it the most?
  8. How do I compare with the other candidates you’ve met?
  9. What hesitations do you have about my ability to do this job?
The following “Me” oriented questions should be asked later in the process – once they feel secure that you are the one they want:
  1. Where do you see the company going in the next 5 to 10 years?
  2. May I meet some of the people I’d be working with?
  3. How do you develop your people?
  4. How is the department viewed by the rest of the company?
  5. What would a typical day in this position be like?
  6. Who are your major competitors, and how is the company doing compared to them?  What sort of market advantages do you have?
  7. What sort of growth has the company experienced in the last few years?

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