Finding a True Partnership with Your Recruiter

woman in office chair shows concept of partnering with a recruiter during a job search

Our team is in the business of advising talented candidates.  We have a lot of responsibility and we take that seriously.   Working with you to find the right direct hire, contract or contract-to-hire position is our expertise.  Once you match up with a recruiter, it’s their job to roll up their sleeves and find you the right opportunity with one of our clients.  

Unfortunately, there can occasionally be a breakdown in the process.  One factor causing a breakdown between a recruiter and a candidate can be related to communication.  These issues can easily be averted.  

Our role in the process is to be your partner and help you make the next move.

In order for recruiters to do this, you should always be open, upfront and honest with your recruiter.  Below are a few things to keep in mind when building a relationship with your recruiter.

We’re in it Together – Don’t Hold Back

People change their mind all the time and recruiters get that. Unfortunately, we won’t know when they change unless you communicate openly.  If you have made some decisions about the commute you desire, the compensation you want or a need to get a specific job title, we’re all ears.  Every day, week or month that goes by, you are gathering more data about the job market.  Of course your preferences will change – just tell your recruiter so they can continue to shop for an opportunity that reflects those changes.

Life Happens

Finding your next job is clearly a big priority, but life always seems to throw curve balls.   We all have personal and family obligations and that can sometimes come into play when you are in the job hunt.  If you have an annual vacation scheduled, a family member who is suddenly ill or need to grab the kids at pick-up time for the next month then give your recruiter a heads up.  These small factors help assure that interviews and opportunities can be scheduled around life’s priorities. 

The Other Guys

Many candidates will often hold back about other job opportunities that have not come directly from their recruiter.  We are realistic and know you will most likely find interviews through referrals, LinkedIn and other sources. That means you’re a marketable candidate.  In the end, we still want to know when you have interviews so we don’t have any scheduling issues.  Recruiters are in this business because they care about the long-term relationship.  We know you’ll say good things about your experience if you are treated well. 

Life is filled with change and things can get complicated. The good news is that a little communication goes a long way.  We’re here to work with you so you can make the right move.  Being open, upfront and honest puts a recruiter in the best possible position to help you achieve your goals.


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