The COVID-19 Curveball: New Questions All Candidates Should Ask In An Interview

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Interviews are your time to shine. This is when an employer gets a first impression of the skills you possess for a potential job and show them the variety of soft skills you have too. Once you get through this part of the interview, the hard part is over, right? Well, not necessarily, you still need to have some questions prepared to ask the hiring manager. Frankly, this can be the hardest part of your interview since it is your final impression you can make on hiring managers. The final impression is pretty critical since the question you ask them can play a major role in whether you land the position or not. With COVID-19 affecting all aspects of life in the future, it is important you adapt your questions to encompass the way the company transitioned through the pandemic. If you are stuck on what are good questions to ask a hiring manager during an interview, read our suggestions below!

1. Ask questions related to how they operate as a company

Asking these types of questions can show an interest in how the company runs on a day to day basis. These types of questions also can create an impression to an employer that you can see yourself working at their company. 

  • “In what ways did your operations change due to the pandemic?”
  • “What aspects of the changes you made during COVID-19 do you think you will permanently integrate into your operations?” 

2. Ask questions about professional qualities they look for in a candidate 

First, asking these kinds of questions will give you an insight to the type of candidate they are looking for and if you fit their description. Second, this can further show an employer that you are interested in the position and shows that you are aware of what is expected of you if you were to get the position.

  • “What are the qualities of high performing team members within this organization?
  • “Since COVID-19, how have the qualities you look for in a candidate changed than your expectations before the pandemic?” 

3. Ask questions about the hiring managers goals for the company

These types of questions can show you want to have an insight in what they see for the company long term. A hiring manager can interpret this as you being invested to see where the company is headed and can create the impression of you wanting to help progress the company if you were to get the position.

  •  “If you could see the future of [insert company name here] in five years, what do you hope would be accomplished by then?”
  •  “In what ways did your goals for the company change since the pandemic hit?”

4. Asking questions about how the company stands out from competitors       

Asking this type of question can give you an idea of what the view that the company has of themselves. This type of question can show hiring managers that you are paying attention to the industry of the company. 

  • “What aspects about [insert company name] stands out compared to your competitors?”
  • “In the midst of the pandemic, what ways do you think you stood out to your competitors when handling the crisis within your company?”

5. Ask questions regarding the culture at the office

Asking about the culture at the office can give you a glimpse into how your day to day would look like in the office. This type of question shows the employer you are trying to see how you would fit into the office life at their company.

  • “How would you define the culture at your company?”
  • “In what ways do you encourage employee engagement while working remotely.”

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