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Karina Drachman

Branch Manager, Finance & Accounting



At Addison Group, we value the people that make our organization great and allow us to deliver exceptional partnerships to the clients and candidates we support. We love bringing on new talent to help us move our organization forward and contribute to our outstanding culture.

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our finance and accounting talent solutions to Salt Lake City, Utah! We’re thrilled to be in this location and start providing people roles in this area. We are also delighted to announce the promotion of Karina Drachman to Branch Manager; she will be working on this launch on-site in Salt Lake City. We recently sat down with Karina to learn more about this exciting opportunity and hear in her own words what it means to be starting the Salt Lake City office for Addison Group.

What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group?

What I’m most proud of in my career is earning this opportunity to open our FAC practice in the Salt Lake market. I’ve had other highlights in my career as well – being promoted to Senior Recruiter back in November was a big deal for me; that was something that I wanted for a long time. I had to get there and earn it, and I was very proud of myself. But this opportunity trumped that, and I couldn’t be more excited to open this new market.

What are you most excited about starting this new office location in Salt Lake City?

I am most excited to develop a team and help those individuals grow professionally and personally. Kaci Hamilton, heading up this initiative, has taught me a lot about leadership. Because of our exceptional leaders, we have seen ourselves grow, and in turn, we have developed the team around us. I’m excited to create those opportunities for new people coming into Addison Group.

What are your main goals with this new initiative?

My main goal is to become the most successful startup office that Addison Group has seen year over year. We can accomplish this goal because of our blueprint from the Denver practice launch. We really know what works, and we know how to replicate that. We also know how to tweak it for a new market because we know every need will not be the same. We’re excited to start building long-lasting professional relationships in Salt Lake City.

What sets Addison Group’s Finance and Accounting Talent Solutions apart from other organizations?

The most significant factors in setting Addison Group apart from other organizations would be our people-first mentality, exercising diligent follow-up, and building relationships with our clients. We genuinely listen to our clients to find their pain points and determine what they need while identifying unique solutions.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years is that it’s not what happens to you but the way you react to it that matters. The recruiting industry can be emotional at times, it can be challenging, and sometimes you have to have hard conversations with clients and candidates. You’re going to have highs and lows in this business, and some things feel wildly out of your control, but the way you keep your composure will make you successful in your career.

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison’s culture?

Addison Group builds a consultative culture both internally and externally, creating remarkable tenure in the company. Rarely do our clients or candidates need to meet a different person from our organization because we have had employee turnover. This allows us to build long-term professional relationships that provide value to both parties.

“Rarely do our clients or candidates need to meet a different person from our organization because we have had employee turnover. This allows us to build long-term professional relationships that provide value to both parties.”

-Karina Drachman

Karina Drachman, Branch Manager, Salt Lake City

Karina Drachman, Branch Manager

Karina Drachman is from Holt, Michigan, and graduated from Michigan State University (Go Green!) before moving to Denver in 2015. After working at a boxing gym, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and a roofing company, she finally discovered her passion for staffing.

Karina started her career with Addison Group in 2019 as a Finance & Accounting Recruiter in the Denver Office. She has spent these last few years establishing long-term professional relationships with candidates and building a reputation in the Denver market. Karina earned a promotion to Senior Recruiter and plenty of Google Review testimonials through this dedication to her business.

Coming out of a high-producing, large office with a blueprint for success in hand, Karina is excited to open the Salt Lake City market. Determined to replicate that, she is looking forward to developing a team that demonstrates Addison’s core values: Integrity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Positive Impact, and Light-Heartedness.

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