Kaci Hamilton, SVP of Finance & Accounting- Addison Group

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Kaci Hamilton

Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting



At Addison Group, we value the people that make our organization great and allow us to deliver exceptional partnerships to the clients and candidates we support. We love bringing on new talent to help us move our organization forward and contribute to our outstanding culture.

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our finance & accounting talent solutions to Salt Lake City, Utah! We’re thrilled to be in this location and start providing people roles in this area. SVP of Finance & Accounting, Kaci Hamilton, will be leading this expansion. We recently sat down with Kaci to learn more about her excitement in building out our Salt Lake City market, the difference in our finance & accounting solutions, and her journey with Addison Group.

What are you most proud of during your career with Addison Group?

Launching the Salt Lake City practice is a full-circle moment in my career. I started in the business in 2014 with one of Addison’s first organic growth offices launched in the Denver market. I was a part of helping build out the Denver market and office culture to what it is today—one of the fastest growing and successful startup markets in Addison’s history. And now, with eight years of experience in the Denver market, I have the opportunity to help our new Salt Lake leaders replicate the success we had in Denver. It won’t be easy, but it will be just as fun!

What are you most excited about starting this new office location in Salt Lake City?

I believe the Salt Lake City market is on the cusp of high growth potential and reminds me of Denver before the market took off. I get to continue working with two producers that grew up on our team in Denver, Karina Drachman and Michael Jouris, and are taking on this growth venture!

I look forward to building our Addison Group presence in Salt Lake City with them!

What are your main goals with this new initiative?

My main goal is to build a collaborative and fun culture, a team that believes in the process, drives the energy, and is extremely successful. We look forward to building strong relationships with our candidates and clients to help people find careers and employers to fill vacancies long-term.

What sets Addison Group’s Finance and Accounting talent solutions apart from other organizations?

Our belief in long-term relationships with clients and candidates sets us apart from our competitors. We believe in meeting people face-to-face to get to know their background or business to help make the match between clients and candidates. We go above and beyond with our service, celebrating our candidates’ birthdays, catering lunches at our clients’ offices, or hosting an open house at Addison offices to add to that personal touch.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

The biggest career lesson I have learned so far is that developing people is not only about professional development but also the personal side too. It is critical to genuinely care about our people inside and outside the office. We want our people to have life flexibility! I have several examples of people coming into the business in tons of debt or having lived paycheck to paycheck, and now they are making more than their parents or friends. It is fun to watch people grow when you put effort into caring about the people first.

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison Group’s culture?

Everyone at Addison Group is passionate about what we do and takes that to market with clients and candidates. We go the extra mile, are forward thinkers, exude great energy, take the initiative, and are passionate about our company and its growth. We take this mindset to market in all aspects with our partnerships.

“I love that we’re so passionate about people over process that we pour all our energy into building long-term relationships in our business. We care about partnering with companies and candidates where we can make an impact in building or maintaining company cultures and giving people careers.”

– Kaci Hamilton

Kaci Hamilton, SVP of Finance & Accounting- Addison Group

Kaci Hamilton
Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting

Kaci Hamilton was born and raised in San Pedro, California. Growing up, she played competitive soccer and was recruited to play on the University of New Mexico Women’s Soccer team where she captained her junior and senior years. After completing her degree,  she moved to Denver and began a career in sales. She has worked in many industries including roller rinks, payroll software and beverage distribution.

Kaci was Addison Group’s first hire in 2014 in the expansion into the Denver, Colorado market. She built her career as a producer, Sales Manager, Branch Manager, and recently achieved promotion to Senior Vice President over Denver, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. She has several accolades in her career as a top producer, and four-time Echelon Club attendee, and has grown the finance and accounting operation to a $3.7 million business.


Kaci is looking forward to building out our Salt Lake City market after having success over the past 8 years with Denver. She could not be more thrilled to promote two producers out of the Denver team, Karina Drachman and Michael Jouris.


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