Jeri Price, Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting

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Jeri Price

Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting

At Addison Group, we value the people that make our organization tremendous and allow us to deliver exceptional partnerships to the clients and candidates we support. We love bringing on new talent to help us move our organization forward and contribute to our unique culture.

We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our finance & accounting talent solutions to Salt Lake City, Utah! We’re thrilled to be in this location and start providing people roles in this area. SVP of Finance & Accounting, Jeri Price, will be leading this expansion. We recently sat down with Jeri to learn more about her excitement in building out our Salt Lake City market, the difference in our finance & accounting solutions, and her journey with Addison Group.

What are you most proud of during your journey with Addison Group?

I am most proud of the start-up offices I have been a part of during my tenure at Addison. Building a new practice is the most challenging and rewarding part of my job. I am proud of the offices we have established in Phoenix and Charlotte. Along with establishing these offices, I am honored to have watched my teams grow their careers as they develop relationships in new markets. Charlotte was a practice that we launched in December of 2019, right before the pandemic. In two short years, they have become leaders in the Accounting and Finance search firms industry in Charlotte, NC.

What are you most excited about starting this new office location in Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is an exciting city for Addison Group to expand to. SLC is ranked as one of the best job markets, and I believe it is an up-and-coming location for businesses in the US and a place where people want to relocate.

What are your main goals with this new initiative?

My number one goal is to build trusting relationships with Accounting and Finance leaders in Salt Lake City. Our team strives to be a trusted partner to both candidates and clients. We are working with individuals considering making a career change or bringing a new individual into their organization which are both big decisions with huge impacts. Trust and credibility are essential!

What sets Addison Group’s Finance and Accounting Talent Solutions apart from other organizations? What does your team do differently?

Our authentic relationships with clients and candidates set Addison Group apart from other organizations. We genuinely strive to customize our service to meet individual clients and candidates. We work around your needs, not the other way around. Over the past 20-plus years, this differentiator has been why Addison Group is one of the fastest-growing privately held search and staffing companies in the US.

What is the biggest career lesson you’ve learned so far?

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my career is that people remember how you make them feel more than just the words you say. I try to remember that as I teach and guide new Recruiters in this industry. This is not an easy job, but it is such a rewarding and challenging career. We change people’s lives!

What is one thing you want your clients and candidates to know about Addison’s culture?

We care about making great matches, and we take that responsibility very seriously! Doing that means taking the time to understand our clients’ culture and needs and our candidates’ needs and motivations. We are playing the long game at Addison.

“Our authentic relationships with clients and candidates set Addison Group apart from other organizations. We genuinely strive to customize our service to meet individual clients and candidates. We work around your needs, not the other way around.”

Jeri Price

Jeri Price
Jeri Price
Senior Vice President, Finance & Accounting


Jeri Price has been in the Finance and Accounting search industry for over 18 years. Jeri started her career in Dallas, TX, with a large search firm where she grew from an Executive Recruiter to Area Director, overseeing a large Accounting and Finance search practice in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex that became the largest and most profitable within the organization. She joined Addison Group in 2018 as a Senior Vice President to help build the Finance and Accounting Search Practices in Nashville and Denver and expand into new markets across the country. She has helped build practices in Phoenix, Charlotte, New York City, and Salt Lake City for Addison Group during her tenure.

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