Effective Strategies to Avoid a Bad Hire

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By Shannon Vize, Content Strategist at Mondo, an Addison Group company

In today’s ever-evolving Tech world, recruiting can often seem like a daunting task for many companies. However, businesses have much more to lose when they end up hiring the wrong candidate. In fact, CNET reports that companies end up paying up to $15,000 when replacing an employee with a specialized skill or a senior position. Add in the obstacles that come with the current Tech talent gap, and you’ll understand why many businesses like yours are seeking effective strategies to avoid a bad hire.

Hiring the wrong candidate for your niche Tech roles will not only be a financial burden for your business but will also negatively impact your overall productivity, company brand, and work culture. It’s crucial that your company craft effective methods to onboard the right candidates that can proactively assist in adding to the success of the business by driving revenue and implementing ROI-yielding initiatives. Though, it’s essential to remain mindful of the negative impact and high cost attached to a bad hire, while creating strategies to avoid this common business mistake.

4 Strategies to Avoid a Bad Hire

With emerging technologies evolving on a daily basis, most Tech businesses are too busy uncovering methods to integrate these innovations and don’t have the time, resources or employees to dedicate to discovering effective strategies to avoid a bad hire. Here are a few that can help your company locate the right Tech talent the first time around and remain competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace:

1.) Get Specific

Make sure you’re stating specifics as early as the job description stage. It’s important to be direct and not mislead candidates with a vague job listing, which can limit the number of applications you receive and increase the number of potential bad hires you invite to interview. Remember to be exact when listing daily responsibilities for Tech roles; this will help deter those who don’t have the necessary skills for day-to-day tasks, and will attract those who feel they can excel and grow in the role.

2.) Avoid Hiring Bias

Learning to avoid hiring biases is crucial to the overall success of your business, as these biases can prevent diversity, decrease productivity, and create a stall in revenue generation. Integrating standardized interviews will put everyone on the same playing field, while naturally allowing their experiences and talents to unfold. This method will allow your HMs to focus on the right factors during the hiring process and avoid subconscious hiring biases they may not even be aware of.

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