Could a Temporary Job be the Right Choice for You?

a young woman accepts a temporary job

In many industries, consulting positions offer higher salaries than permanent positions. In certain lines of work, it is common for individuals to move from contract to contract. Yet many job seekers still prefer the stability of a full-time role to contract work and narrow their job search accordingly. Are candidates missing out on good opportunities by only looking for full-time positions? Much of that depends on whether they are employed or not. While those with full-time jobs typically don’t leave them for contract positions (though it certainly happens), a temporary job can be an excellent option for someone who isn’t working. Not convinced? Here are some of the benefits of contract work:

Filling Resume Gaps

A temporary job is a great choice for an individual in between jobs. Whether you took a 6-week position or a year-long contract between full-time work, potential full-time employers will respect your work ethic if you were able to remain employed. Moreover, employers of contract workers typical offer flexibility with the understanding that temporary employees will need to attend interviews while searching for a full-time position.

Gaining Experience

Temporary jobs can provide excellent opportunities to both improve upon existing skills and develop new ones. Whether you know what industry you wish to work in or are just trying to learn more about an industry to see if it might be a good long-term fit, picking up on new skills will enhance your marketability and help you build your resume.

The Possiblity to Switch to Full-Time

Some contract opportunities offer the possibility to convert to a permanent role after a designated period of time. That being said, there are many instances where strictly contract positions turn into permanent placements either in that specific role or in another capacity within the organization. If you think that the company for which you are contracting is a place you would like to be long-term, make sure to show how dedicated you are to the position—you never know what could happen.

Growing Your Network

Even if the opportunity to go full-time doesn’t present itself, a temporary position is still a great opportunity to make professional connections that might be able to help you in your job search. Make the most of the temporary position by getting to know others at the company. You can not only learn valuable skills from them, but also create long-term relationships that can be beneficial in your job search down the road.

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