Addison Group’s 2018 Workplace Survey

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Addison Group’s Annual Workplace Survey was recently released, providing valuable insights for hiring managers seeking to remain competitive in today’s job market. The results of the report re-confirm what the state of the economy has suggested for many months – the war on talent is as fierce as ever.

While compensation remains the biggest driver of employee retention, Addison Group’s study revealed the top three benefits of the current candidate’s market and the importance they hold to job seekers. Competitive salaries was the greatest benefit job seekers reported (34 percent), followed by the location of opportunities (24 percent) and then increased number of job offers (17 percent).

The report also illuminates that job seekers have access to more resources to determine industry compensation. 58 percent of respondents have used online research (Glassdoor, Pay Scale,, etc.) and 38 percent have asked industry peers about their worth in the market.

Additional key findings from the report include:

  • Nearly half of job seekers are dissatisfied with the salary/compensation at their current job
  • Two in five job seekers say their current employer knows they are actively searching for a new job
  • Nearly three-quarters of candidates are confident in their ability to secure a new job quickly

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