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Addison Group closes offices
to focus on employee wellness

Addison is taking a stand to protect against worker burnout and connectivity fatigue. 

The wake of the pandemic has shifted businesses seemingly overnight to a hyper-demand, always-on, overly connected world. Leaving employees unable to disengage, disconnect, unplug, along with a looming feeling of unrest. However, the outbreak gave many a new perspective inward, bringing the importance of employee wellness and mental health to the forefront—faced with this challenge together exposed opportunities for discussion and transparency around workplace uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and separation.

Companies are now stepping back to move forward and investing in their most important assets—employees. We are proud that all Addison Group brands have taken this inward perspective to heart, led by the CEO, Tom Moran.

“Addison Group brands have gone through many evolutions over my tenure as CEO. The one I am most proud of is investing in our employees. Focusing on more than career development programs, professional skill-building, leadership competencies, and technical certifications, which have long been a part of our culture. We have made a significant shift focusing on our employees’ mental and physical health, building an environment where personal and professional growth is the center. Because we are a team, a family, and we must support each other during hardship and happiness.”

Tom Moran, CEO, Addison Group

Needless to say, this year has had its hardships; companies recognize that they need to look after the well-being of their people.

Indeed.com recently surveyed 1,500 workers, and the results were alarming; two-thirds said that employee burnout had worsened due to the pandemic. (Source: Indeed.com (March 11, 2021). Employee Burnout Report: COVID-19’s Impact and 3 Strategies to Curb It. Kristy Threlkefd). 

But what is employee wellness and how can we make a change that invests in each other?

Time away, employee-focused resources, and top-down leadership support. 

“Companies need to normalize the use of “mental health days” and provide liberal time off… The pandemic has led many businesses to reevaluate employee benefits, and 53% of respondents to a survey from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions reported providing special emotional and mental health programs for their workforce.” (Source: Forbes (July 7, 2021). The Importance Of Understanding And Recognizing Mental Health Issues At Work.)

Pre-pandemic, our society strayed from conversations regarding employee mental health and wellness needs. Addison is taking a stand to protect against worker burnout and connectivity fatigue. “Our commitment to people-first is not about words or a slogan; it’s about action, which is why it only seems fitting with Labor Day around the corner to once again look at what our team needs, giving back what they have given—time.” Said Tom Moran, CEO of Addison Group, to employees.

And continued to state that Addison Group brands (Addison GroupAIM ConsultingArcLight ConsultingBeaconBridgepoint ConsultingCVPartners, DLCMondo, and Kranz Consulting) will follow companies like Nike, and LinkedIn, completely closing all offices across the country for five consecutive days, giving employees what they truly need, time away. Time to focus on family, relaxation, away from the stress of emails, projects, deadlines, and constant connectivity. Five consecutive days to disconnect, reenergize, and focus on their needs. With one consistent message from all executive leadership, “do not work.”

“We are a people-first organization; it is what we do, the services we provide daily to our clients, candidates, and consultants, whether through consulting or talent solutions. Our core is people, internally and externally; it’s in our DNA. Our employees’ health will always be our number one priority, and with that will come our continued success, growth, and achievements.”

Tom Moran, CEO, Addison Group

Addison Group brands will close all corporate operations for five consecutive days for employees to unplug, power down, and unwind, starting September 2, 2021, through September 6, 2021. With one straightforward mission—our employees’ matter, wellness matters, and time is invaluable.