A Guiding Light: How an Addison Group Branch Manager Led through Adversity

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“I was instantly drawn to Mike’s optimism and passion and I knew I was in the right place from the beginning. To work with Mike is to be inspired. I am constantly in awe of the new heights he reaches and grateful of his goal to bring the rest of the team up with him. The individualized guidance and leadership he shows makes it impossible to fail.” — Bethany Yates, Senior Recruiter

March 16, 2020. It was the turning point for many office workers in the U.S., as companies began transitioning to remote work due to the pandemic. It was also the beginning of a difficult period of employment, resulting in the elimination or furlough of jobs until businesses had a better grasp of what the road ahead would look like. The same was true for those in the staffing and recruiting industry, who now had more people looking for work but a lack of opportunities available for them. The job market was in a holding pattern as everyone waited to see what happened next.

But sitting back and waiting is not the spirit of Addison Group, especially for Branch Manager Mike Verga and his team supporting the Mid-Atlantic region. Though their business took a big hit, the team knew they had to do more than hope for the best. It was time to go back to basics.

Leading with Intention

“Mike has taught me many things so far in my career. One of the most important things he has taught me is approach every situation with a solutions-based mindset, and always remain professional and composed during difficult times.” — Justin Mundt, Business Development Manager

The team had to rebrand themselves to stay relevant in a down market. That meant focusing on the basics and building good habits, so Verga advised the team to think like it was their first 90 days. For Spencer Grow, Business Development Manager, it really was. She had just started at Addison Group a month prior; however, it was a great opportunity to learn alongside more experienced team members. “Mike was very motivating and took time to give me guidance. He helped me capitalize on my strengths and slow down and train where I was a little weaker. As someone new, he made me love the job.”

Verga encouraged the team to think “people first” when speaking with candidates and clients and reach out with a purpose. He asked them to simply be human – ask people how they were doing and just talk to them, letting them know they had a partner in Addison Group when their companies were ready; telling candidates they would continue to check in even if they didn’t have a role available. He showed his team how to get through the tough conversations and bring positivity where they could, providing action items for the people they talked to versus sitting back and waiting. Keeping the lines of communication open was core to the team’s efforts.

Though the market was a difficult one, Verga continued to motivate his team and asked them to focus on the little things that would make a difference when the time came. He also pushed them to think outside of the box and get creative – studying the companies and the roles they were supporting to better understand what their true needs would be. And above all, continuing to be genuine, empathetic, and proactive. Eventually, that diligence and care paid off.

Finding Success

“Mike comes to work every day with a positive mindset. He converts our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths. He brings out the best in the team and believes in all of us.” — Maryann Nguyen, Recruiter

The team’s reinvention led them to landing a major project with a client, resulting in hundreds of candidate placements. This was a major win for the team, who saw their efforts come to fruition. And Verga made sure every member of his team played a role in that success. They are still benefiting from that project a year later, helping the client branch out into a new city and identifying new opportunities.

Verga’s determination to do more than the status quo was an important lesson for the team. “Mike helped me realize that things – like a global pandemic – will happen that are out of your control. But it’s what you do in the dark hours that matter because that’s how we find the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Grow.

She continued, “I’ve never had a leader like that who shows you that even in the worst of times, you can still be positive, proactive, hardworking, and successful because you can see what you’re made of. Mike showed us that and now we’re on the other side. We were able to continue building relationships and grow as a team.”

Rallying Together

“As a newer addition to the Addison Group family, Mike’s drive and ambition has been one of the most inspiring parts of working for this company. It is rare that you meet someone who cares just as much about his team’s success while maintaining such amazing individual success. His leadership inspires me every day to be the best I can be and drive business with empathy and tact.” — Delaney Miller, Business Development Manager

Going through adversity can put even the best teams to the test. But under Verga’s leadership, the team grew both individually and together. “There’s no ego on this team. No one person thinks they are more important than the other. We trust each other, ask how we can support one another, and help each other succeed,” said Grow. “Mike is an example of true confidence — he taught us how to showcase our strengths and have a little humility. Best of all, he accepts all ideas and works through them with us. It makes use feel like we all have an important role on this team.”

Verga’s ability to be humble in a competitive industry has resulted in many loyal clients who came back to Addison Group as they bounced back from the pandemic. And it was all because of the team’s willingness to stay by their side through the worst of times. No matter what happened, Verga’s leadership made sure Addison’s personal touch shined through every step of the way.

Below are additional quotes from Verga’s team, showing their appreciation for the captain of their ship. Verga is one of our many great leaders at Addison Group. If you’re looking for a true partnership, reach out to Addison Group today.

Quotes from the team:

“One of the many things I admire about Mike is his commitment to get everyone their first placement as quickly as possible, setting them up on the right path to success.” — Michael Procinsky, Recruiter

“Mike is a great leader and consistently goes out of his way to help the team. Due to the pandemic a few of us had our start date pushed back. Instead of waiting around for us to start, Mike had the idea to have us interview for a large project Addison Group was working on with a client. Through that contract I was able to build up my background and get to see the flip side of what our team truly does. Mike, thank you for all your support since day 1!” — Caroline Wasshausen, Recruiter

“Ever since I started Mike has taken every chance to make sure I have everything I need to be successful. He is always there to celebrate any wins but also talk through any struggles. Mike puts his team first and it’s obvious through our success.” — Megan Bennett, Recruiter

“Mike has been an incredible role model and manager since day 1 of my time here with Addison Group. He truly leads by example every day and really goes out of his way to celebrate everyone’s success. Despite being one of the TOP producers in the country, he remains extremely humble. I am extremely grateful to have someone like him leading our team.” — Anthony Naranjo, Recruiter

” From day one, Mike has shown his outstanding leadership skills by always supporting and congratulating the team in their successes. He is always willing and ready to help, which is encouraging for me and my teammates. I am very grateful to be part of a team where Mike is my leader.”— Julie Schenkel, Recruiter 

“I’ve been under the leadership of Mike for 2.5 years, almost 3 and what has been so amazing is the consistency. For every person that came before me or after me, Mike is the type of manager that puts his all into every single person into his team. He has this contagious spirit when it comes to staffing and really exemplifies that if you work hard and trust the process, you can be successful. He has been able to teach me to have a solution-focused mindset because staffing can be such a rollercoaster, his leadership isn’t focused on the losses/ends that we have but how we can it back in different ways. This changed my whole outlook on the business and I truly have Mike to thank for that. During the midst of a pandemic, he found the energy and drive to motivate us every single day even if we were not feeling hopeful. He truly cares about each person and takes the time out of his hectic schedule to help whoever needs it. Mike is loyal, dedicated, hardworking, and a great manager to learn from and look up to!” — Autumn Eavey, Recruiting Manager

“Mike’s ability to not only handle his incredibly busy book of business, as well as managing each of us, is a testament to the impeccable leader he is. He is never too busy for any of us, and this model of hard work, dedication, and passion for this industry is why I look up to him as I continue my career here at Addison Group.” — Spencer Grow, Business Development Manager

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